Made For Kids At Otis

For three semesters, Colleen worked with architect Iris Regn and Otis College of Art and Design students to redesign various spaces at the Westside Global Awareness magnet school in Mar Vista, as part of the Made for Kids Class in Otis’s Creative Action program.

Supervised by Iris and Colleen, Otis students met with 5th and 6th graders at WSG to understand various design problems at their school. Then, the Otis students came up with proposals to redesign things like the school entryway, the locker rooms, the library, or an unused garden. WSG kids and teachers gave feedback on the proposed designs, and the Otis students also learned to collaborate in teams and with budget constraints.

They procured the materials for their designs and built or installed various murals, structures, and other interventions around the campus, learning and adapting as they went.