Los Angeles Walks

In 2011, as Los Angeles Walks was growing into a full-fledged pedestrian advocacy organization, Colleen worked with its original steering committee to develop a visual identity that celebrates how “Everyone walks in LA.” Even people who drive must walk, and pedestrian safety is an issue all Angelenos should be concerned with.

Los Angeles Walks works to make walking safer, accessible, fun, and equitable for all Angelenos, and its work includes efforts to advocate for safety changes at the policy level and to celebrate walking by hosting neighborhood walks and other fun walking events.

The LA Walks’ visual identity uses illustrations that show the diversity of pedestrians and street life in LA, to celebrate walking as a viable and enjoyable means of getting around. The Hey, I’m Walking Here! campaign extended the Los Angeles Walks visual identity to include a series of design interventions that encourage pedestrian safety and inform pedestrians of their rights.