In 2009, Colleen met a group of friends who wanted to open up streets in Los Angeles as a park space on Sundays, inspired by the weekly ciclovía in Bogóta Colombia. With collaborator Joseph Prichard, she developed a visual identity for the organization that captures the spirit of having fun outdoors in LA. Colleen also became involved in the planning and advocacy work that went into producing the first CicLAvia open streets event in Downtown Los Angeles in 2010. Since then, CicLAvia has grown to include events all over Los Angeles County and has transformed the way residents think about their streets.

We continue to collaborate with CicLAvia on their event collateral — signage, merchandise, route maps, branding for each event, and more. We are constantly thinking about ways the CicLAvia brand can grow and change to encompass all the CicLAvia has become today and the ways it has changed LA.

CicLAvia connects neighborhoods and allows people in Los Angeles to explore their city and see their streets in a new way. The CicLAvia visual identity highlights landmarks that identify different neighborhoods, as well as the variety of activities happening at CicLAvia—biking, skating, running, hula hooping, and playing. It has become a symbol for a vibrant Los Angeles where getting around outside of a car is both feasible and enjoyable.